Hydro Seeding, Sod and Artificial Turf



Hydroseed is a mixture of seed and mulch. It can be used to prevent or control erosion and is often used in place of sowing dry seed.

You can choose whatever seed blend you’d like to use. This means if you have difficult soil, shade, or other tough conditions, you can choose the varieties of lawn that will best suit your landscape.
Disease Resistance

Sod is made up of a single type of turfgrass, and any time you plant a single variety of plant, or monoculture, there is greater chance for widespread disease than when you plant a blend of multiple types of turf.
Money Saving

Once your landscaper has set up the hydroseeding machine, it takes very little additional effort to spray lawn over a larger area... Contrast that with the high material and labor cost to install sod, and hydroseeding is the clear choice for large properties.

For more information and to read the rest of this article from LandscapingNetwork.com: http://www.landscapingnetwork.com/lawns/hydroseeding.html



Instant Lawn
Many business or home owners opt for sodding their property because it instantly gives a finished look to the landscaping, and is durable when properly cared for.

Hire a Professional
Laying sod looks easy and fast, but if you’re planning to do it yourself, expect it to take at least two weekends, lots of hard work, and a bit of money for equipment rentals.

For an instant, no hassle, lush lawn, Go Green Landscapes will take care of it for you!

Artificial Turf


“It’s not the Astroturf your father used to see, there are different heights and different colors so it looks much more natural.” - Steve Biernacki of WaterQuest, Inc. in Albuquerque, NM.

  • use it for a backyard putting green
  • no erosion in high-traffic areas
  • no need to move outdoor furniture to maintain your entertaining spaces
  • pet-friendly
  • little to no maintenance
  • lush and vibrant year-round

For more information and a list of pros & cons, go to LandscapingNetwork.com http://www.landscapingnetwork.com/lawns/artificial-turf.html


(left) Our back terrace restoration at a Frank Lloyd Wright house (Okemos, MI). We stayed true to the original design intent, but utilized a modern twist - synthetic turf. It's maintenance free, environmentally friendly, and looks amazing!

"The turf is EXACTLY what we envisioned, and the drainage solutions underneath will help preserve our historic home. Go Green is the best!" -Audrey Seidman, homeowner

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